Sunvisor Garmin GPSMAP 922

Item number: 6096126393366

Sunvisor that fits on a Garmin gpsmap922


Ideal against the sun and against rain but also for spraywater!

- It is made of sturdy ABS plastic

- Easy to assemble or disassemble, just slide on. No screws are needed.


There are two versions available:

  • Normal: For slower trips, for example with a kayak, belly boat or rowing boat.
  • High speed: For faster trips with a strongly motorised boat.

Which version you should choose depends on your boat speed. If you are travelling with a slow boat, the normal version is sufficient. If you are travelling fast, you should choose the high speed version, which is additionally secured with a Velcro fastener.

Nice touch: you can turn down the screen light and save on your battery in the process.